Responding to God

Responding to God

Responding to God

This painting represents a boy hungry for God.

The Bible says that God is light in 1John 1:5: “This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all.”

Therefore the boy is reaching up to the light. God hears sincere prayers and He longs to be in relationship with us. However we must respond to Him, repent and put our faith in Him. You too can have a relationship with God if you will make this commitment to Jesus Christ. You can read more about this on the tract page with this painting as the cover on the tract called “Responding to God.”

Ramona Stevens

2 thoughts on “Responding to God

  1. Sampath Arun

    Hi Pastor,

    Greetings in Jesus Name,

    This is Evangelist and Pastor from Bangalore, South India. I am doing ministry here independently. And i have been in the ministries since 10 years and we have bible groups in the slum areas and we needed to turn those in to the churches and also we are praying to uplift them economically and socially. And as well i too have some art works and through which i would like to raise contributions for the ministries and here under i attach my Art works for your kind references and if you said yes i can send you some more art works later because its been shut down in our nation and also i am happy that you too are interested in the art works then i would assuredly say that you encourage me to utilize my talents still more for the Glory of our Lord. And therefore we are praying for the ministry who could support us with whole heartedly and If you are willing we can run the ministry in your name and we are totally committed in prayer life and we would be faithful to GOD and to you until our Lord’s return.and if you needed to know more about us please feel free to write us. Let’s build the GOD’s kingdom together and more over GOD touched me at the severe sick bed with kidney disease and now its 17 years passed our Lord is still sustaining me for His Glory .And please, please don’t leave this just like that please pray and reply as soon as possible. Thank You,

    God Bless,

    With Prayers,

    Bro. Sampath Arun.

  2. Shawn Stevens

    Hi Sampath:

    I pray the Lord will bless and guide you in your ministry and use your artistic talent for His glory.

    Ramona Stevens

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