Roll Forward Oh Zion

Roll Forward Oh Zion (CLICK this link)

Roll Forward Oh Zion is not my own song. Its author is Unknown. It is an ancient, little known hymn. You are welcome to sing, play and record it.   I hope that it blesses you. God bless you. Shawn Stevens



When the ransomed of Yahweh

                    C                             G

from the east and from the west

Shall return with joyous gladness


To receive their promised rest


Then from every tribe and nation

                C                        G

Out of every land, the blessed,


With rejoicing they shall gather

                      D                G

When the King shall come

G                                 C

Roll foreword, Oh Zion

G                                                                             D

Grace shall be thy triumph till the king shall come

G                               C

Roll foreword, Oh Zion

G                                                         C                 G

Thou shalt be exalted when the King shall come