Creation, Evolution and the Age of the Earth (part 2)

Creation, Evolution and the Age of the Earth (part 2)

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I don’t know the pronunciation of the different geological ages, however the words are spelled correctly in my booklet Creation Evolution And The Age Of The Earth.

The following quotes were not said exactly right; they are corrected as:

“East of the main divide the lower Carboniferous is overlaid in places by beds of lower Cretaceous age, and here again, although the two formations differ so widely in respect to age, one overlies the other without any perceptible break, and the separation of the one from the other is rendered more difficult by the fact that the upper beds of the Carboniferous are lithologically almost precisely like those of the Cretaceous (above them). Were it not for the fossil evidence, one would naturally suppose that a single formation was being dealt with.”

“No more than one percent or so of the history of the earth is decipherable. But that one percent is dispersed through a series of events or episodes, extending back through geologic time. By imaginative manipulation of the evolving data we can reconstruct a magnificent and awesome history of the earth and its life.”

At the end of presenting natural evidence for a errors in the geologic time scale I said that “For the reasons I have mentioned I believe that the geologic time scale and evolutionary theory in general is flawed and faulty. ” I would like to qualify that statement by saying that these are secondary reasons for me to reject the geologic time column and believe in a young age for the earth. My primary reason is because the Bible teaches a young age for the earth and I believe the Bible above all other things.