There’s A Savior Knocking

There’s A Savior Knocking (Click this link)

There’s A Saviour Knocking is my own song. You are welcome to sing, play and record it. Please don’t sell it for money. I hope that it blesses you. God bless you. Shawn Stevens


E                                                   A2

There is a saviour knocking, knocking at the door

E                                                                        B#m7

Knocking, calling, knocking as He’s done before

E                                                      A2

The knock of hope is sounding, oh do not ignore

B#m7                    A2                           E    A2     E

Jesus Christ is knocking on your heart life door

E                                           A2

Let Him in, let Him in, quickly turn the knob

E                                                            B#m7

He is the risen Saviour, He is the Son of God

E                                                                                      A2

He has come with a needed forgiveness, He has come with joy and peace

E                                                                      B#m7

He’s come will you receive Him and evermore believe

E                                                                   A2

He’s come to rule and lead you in heaven’s kingdom way

E                                                                          B#m7

His love calls, open quickly, will you now obey

E                                              A2

Will you now surrender, will you now believe?

E                                                      B#m7

Will you now repent of all the things that grieve?

E                                                         A2

Will you open up your life to His love and grace?

E                                                                B#m7     E

Will you now surrender and give to Him His place?

Shawn Stevens Copyright Jan. 2023