The Testimony of Abundio and Rosa de Lopez

At the Azusa Street Revival there was a mixture of races. Sadly, that is one reason some rejected the revival itself. One people-group which had representation was the Latinos. Abundio de Lopez had come to California in 1902 from Guadalajara, Mexico. He worked as a laborer, most likely on the railroads. He came to Christ and was married to Rosa before coming to The Apostolic Faith Mission. In 1906 they came and continued to come, at least to and, through 1909. They came in search of the experience of sanctification and were baptized in the Spirit.1

Abundio and Rosa did ministry work among Latin-speaking people who came to Azusa. He worked his manual job by day and worked at Azusa’s altars by night. In 1909 Seymour ordained Abundio. Abundio and Rosa are believed to be the first Latin-speaking Pentecostal evangelists. Together they held street meetings in a Mexican open-air plaza. Abundio pastored a small work which also, like Azusa, was called The Apostolic Faith Mission.2

The de Lopezs faced a difficult trial in 1908 when Rosa developed a tumor. This brought her health very low and even Abundio did not expect her to live long. However, as a step of faith, Abundio took her to a Maria Woodworth-Etter meeting and, miraculously, God healed her. The de Lopezs continued their work. Within several years of Azusa’s outbreak, a number of Mexican congregations had come into being.3 The de Lopezs rejoiced over God’s revival blessing.

In The Apostolic Faith magazine the de Lopezs testify: We testify to the power of the Holy Spirit in forgiveness, sanctification and the baptism with the Holy Ghost and fire. We give thanks to God for this wonderful gift, which we have received from Him, according to the promise. Thanks be to God for the Spirit which brought us to the Azusa Street Mission, the Apostolic Faith, old-time religion, I and my wife, on the 29th of last May. I came for sanctification. and thank God also for the baptism with the Holy Ghost and fire which I received on the 5th of June, 1905. We cannot express the gratitude and thanksgiving which we feel moment by moment for what He has done for us, so we want to be used for the salvation and healing of both soul and body. I am a witness of His wonderful promise and marvelous miracles by the Holy Ghost, by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. May God bless you all. 4

Whether from the altars of Azusa or from the Mexican open-air plaza, Abundio and Rosa ministered with God’s grace. Expressing thanks and gratitude to God and testifying of His power, they were used by the Lord in revival outpouring.

Shawn Stevens

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