Czech Republic

Czech Republic

                       CZECH REPUBLIC


The Czech Republic is a landlocked country in central Europe which ranks
as a “very high human development” nation.  The government is a
multiparty presidential democracy.  The Czech Republic is one  of the
most developed economies in central Europe, with a strong tradition of
industry and manufacturing. Tourism is a vital and increasing economic
sector.  Unemployment is higher among the older population, but is
generally low. Pension and healthcare reform are significant economic
issues in an ageing population.


The population is ~10,411,000 and all languages have official status.
~96.1% are Slavic, ~2.9% Romani, ~1% Other (German, Hungarian, Chinese).
There is increasing immorality as well as depression and suicide.
Many young people leave to work in other lands, there is a low
birthrate, and the population is increasingly aged.


There is a significant falling away and fading of religious influence in
Czech society – although it has not been a particularly religious
society for hundreds of years.
~71.41% are Non-religious, ~25.92% claim to be Christian, ~25% Other,
~0.13% Muslim, ~0.02% Baha’i, ~0.01% Jewish, ~0.01% Buddhist.
In the Christian category:
~20.16% are Catholic, ~2.3% Unaffiliated, ~1.88% Protestant, ~0.88%
Independent, ~0.38% Orthodox, <0.01% Anglican.
Evangelicals represent ~0.7% of the population.
Charismatics represent ~0.3% and of those ~0.1% are Pentecostals.
Of note, Jehovah’s Witnesses have ~26,400 affiliates.Donna Siemens



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