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United Kingdom



The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, in Europe, is
a constitutional monarchy consisting of four countries: England,
Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. It is governed by a parliamentary
system with its seat of government in England, but the others have a
great deal of autonomy with devolution into federalism.  The Channel
Islands and Isle of Man are Crown Dependencies (constitutionally tied to
the British Monarch but not part of the U.K.).  The British Empire, once
covering one-fourth of the world, has become 60 independent states, most
being members of the British Commonwealth.  The U.K. remains a
political, military and cultural power with disproportionate influence
globally.  It has the world’s fifth-largest economy, primarily in
service and is highly dependent on financial and business services.


The population is ~62,130,000.  The official language is English; in
Wales both English and Welsh.  ~83.8% of the population are in England,
~8.4% in Scotland, ~4.9% in Wales, ~2.9% in Northern Ireland.
Many are discouraged about the future and cynical about the lack of
political help to deal with the malaise; this trait is exacerbated by
the media.  Crime, immorality, unemployment, personal and public debt is
high.  Immigration, legal and illegal, is a massive challenge.
~85.2% of the population are Anglo-Saxon/Celtic, ~6.3% Asian, ~3.3%
European, ~1.9% Middle-Eastern/West Asian, ~1.4% African Caribbean,
~0.8% African, ~1.1% Other.


Multicultural pluralism has replaced Judeo-Christian traditions as the
foundation of society.  England is the most secular of the four
countries.  Minority religions, particularly Islam, receive notable
attention and government support – in education, legislation and
freedoms (Sharia law has been incorporated into British parliament).
Astrology, New Age, the occult and old-world paganism are popular, while
there is hostility to overt religiosity in the general public and the
media.  The Church of England (the Anglican Church that is in crisis) is
recognized as the Established Church in England, and the Church of
Scotland (Presbyterian) recognized in Scotland. 
~59.66% claim Christianity, ~34.39% Non-religious, ~3.2% Muslims, ~0.94%
Hindu, ~0.63% Sikh, ~0.4% Jewish, ~0.34% Buddhist, ~0.22% Other, ~0.1%
Chinese, ~0.02% Baha’i.
Jehovah’s Witnesses have ~255,000 affiliates and Mormons have ~178,000.
Those claiming the Christian category:
~36,23% are Anglican, ~8.61% Catholic, ~6.91% Protestant, ~6.81%
Unaffiliated, ~1.36% Independent, ~1.06% Orthodox.
Evangelicals represent ~8.8% of the population.
Charismatics are ~4.7% and of those ~1% are Pentecostals.

Donna Siemens



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