The Kingdom of the Netherlands, in northwestern Europe, is also called
Nederland and often referred to as Holland.  Government is a stable
parliamentary democratic constitutional monarchy.  The country is host
to five international courts.  The number of Christians is declining in
this openly permissive society.  The Netherlands is the first country to
legalize euthanasia and is a world leader in promoting post-Christian
secular and New Age worldview and values.  A leading export nation, it
is strong in industry and agriculture.  Unemployment is low, and there
is a generous social security system.


The population is ~16,654,000 and official languages Dutch (Nederlands)
and Frisian.
~89.2% are European, ~8.3% Asian, ~2.1% Caribbean, ~0.4% African.


Anti-discrimination legislation increasingly threatens Christian
liberties and absolutes in the name of tolerance.  Less than 20% attend
church with any regularity and half of the nation’s church buildings
have been destroyed or are being used for other purposes.
~46.86% are Non-religious, ~46.55% claim to be Christian, ~5.5% Muslim,
~0.35% Hindu,~0.3% Other, ~0.22% Buddhist, ~0.18% Jewish, ~0.04% Baha’i.
In the Christian category:
~25,7% are Catholic, ~17.35% Protestant, ~1.7% Unaffiliated, ~0.97%
Independent,~0.22% Anglican, ~0.17% Orthodox.
Evangelicals represent ~4.3% of the population.
Charismatics represent ~1.8% and of those ~1.1% are Pentecostals.
There is growth in number and strength of many independent churches, and
continued vitality among charismatic Pentecostal Christians.

Donna Siemens



Operation World, Jason Mandryk. Colorado Springs: Biblica Publishing, 2010.

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  1. Sulman Peter

    Dear Beloved in Christ,

    Hope you are doing fine. It is my privilege to contact with you and believe it’s the Lord who has made my mind to contact you.
    I am very glad to visit your website and see the work that Lord is doing through your ministry.I really appreciate your work. It’s my pray that Lord extend your work.

    Permit me to give you some information about me and my ministry.

    This is Pastor Sulman Peter and Mrs. Saba Sulman from Pakistan.
    Our ministry name is Enghien Fellowship Foundation®.
    I received Jesus Christ as savior in 2003. Me and my wife have a great burden and passion for our community in Pakistan.

    Our missions are mentioned below:
    Our church is located in Lahore, Pakistan. We have 1000+ church members. In every sunday service our church members are blessed by sermon and by healing prayers. We arrange seminars in different areas of Pakistan where any evangelist does not want to go for evangelism. God gave us vision, strong strength to serve our community and spread gospel.
    Education for Orphans:We are running a small school for orphans from grade one to five. Where we give them board of education studies (Pakistan). So they can get good marks to get their higher education and try to find them any sponsor scholarship to get higher education for their better future. Distribution of gifts and food in needy and orphans.
    And doing sunday school with different activities to learn about gospel.
    Widows:Training widows for operating machines in textile field. And enhance their abilities to achieve their goals and face the challenges of being Christian in Pakistan.
    Youth: Arrange youth seminars for their spiritual growth so we can bring them more close to God. And have youth meetings for awareness of drugs in different areas of Pakistan for their better health.

    1.6% of the Pakistani population is Christian. Pakistan is an Islamic country. There is a huge discrimination between Muslims and Christians. But that’s God who gives us power and strength to reach out to lost souls.
    Please don’t take this email as for financial support.
    It is my heartily desire to learn and work with your ministry so we can help our community in more better ways and spread the gospel of our living God. And we will pray for make a good relation with you in Christ and it will be a great blessing for Christian in Pakistan if we get your blessed guidance.

    Please find the attachment of our few photos.

    Looking forward to hear from you.

    Pastor Sulman Peter

  2. Jacob Sundar Putra

    Praise the Lord Pastor and very good see your ministry (ZION CHRISTIAN MINISTRY) in online website , will pray for the family and ministry. I am working as a pastor in India in If and it is gods will I want to come to Netherlands ,if there is any possibility to share a gospel in your church, please give me guidance.
    Thanking you.
    Brother in Christ,
    Jacob Sundar Putra

  3. Shawn Stevens Post author

    Hi Evans:

    It is nice to hear from you. We are a small Canadian ministry and don’t feel to branch out with any overseas ministry at this time but pray that the Lord will bless, guide and provide for you as you serve Him.


    Ramona Stevens

  4. Shawn Stevens Post author

    Dear Pastor Ezra:

    We do not feel to join with any international ministries at this time but pray for you to be led of the Lord and that He will provide for your needs.

    God bless.

    Ramona Stevens

  5. Shawn Stevens Post author

    Hi Jacob:

    Sorry we don’t have any contacts in the Netherlands but pray the Lord will bless and guide you.


    Ramona Stevens

  6. Shawn Stevens Post author

    Dear Pastor Sulman:

    It is good to hear from you. We have heard of much persecution happening in Pakistan such as that of Asia Bibi. We pray for protection and provision for Christians in Pakistan. May the Lord keep you strong in Him and guide you by His Holy Spirit.


    Ramona Stevens

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