The Republic of Iceland is a European volcanic island country in the North Atlantic; mountainous, largely barren with many large glaciers. It is warmed by the Gulf Stream and has a temperate climate. A free market economy with one of the world’s highest living standards. Fishing and limited agriculture are being supplanted by tourism, hydro-energy and aluminum plants.


Icelanders number over 329,000 and ~92% are descendants of the Norse and Gaelic who started settling in AD 834.  The ~8% others are mostly European.  Official language is Icelandic.


The Lutheran Church is still recognized as the state church, but there is freedom of religion.  ~91% of the population claim to be Christian. ~8% are non-religious.  Membership in the Lutheran Church is large with the evangelical Lutheran Free Church, next in numbers, followed by the Catholic Church.  Evangelical believers are not many (~4%) but their numbers are growing.  The Lutheran Free Churches, Pentecostals and charismatic churches are displaying unity and cooperation.  The Pentecostal Church, together with World Horizon, runs a residential short term discipleship ministry.

Donna Siemens


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5 thoughts on “Iceland

  1. Bal Krishan

    My name is Bal Krishan.
    I am a pastor of a small home fellowship and missionary to the native in Northern India. Please let me about your discipleship course for short term.
    Bal Krishan

  2. Ptr. Bishnu Bahadur Pariyar

    Dear Respected Pastor and Church family in Christ.
    Greetings from Nepal

    I am Pastor Bishnu Bahadur Pariyar writing this e-mail from Nepal and I got the chance to know you through your website and found it really blessed and wonderful.I like to know more about you. We have seven daughter churches and orphanage children’s home. we need your regular prayer to grow in ministry. If there is Lord’s will then we can work jointly for God’s sake. we would like to welcome you in in our country so that we could work together. If you like to know more about us then you can log on to

    I hope for your reply and kind anticipation.

    God bless you!

    With best regards

    Yours sincerely in Christ
    Rev.Pastor Bishnu Pariyar
    Post box:94
    Bharatpur Chitwan
    Phone:+977-9855064526 ( Cell )
    +977-565-33156 (Home)

  3. Shawn Stevens

    Dear Pastor Bishnu:

    We don’t feel to join with any international ministry at this time but pray the Lord will bless and guide you in your service to Him.


    Ramona Stevens

  4. Shawn Stevens

    Hi Ikechuwu:

    It is good to hear from you and that you have a heart to serve the Lord. We don’t have any openings in our ministry at this time but I pray that the Lord will guide you and give you much opportunity to serve Him in evangelism with those in your city. God bless you.

    Ramona Stevens

  5. Shawn Stevens

    Dear Bal:

    We don’t have a discipleship course but I pray that the Holy Spirit will guide fill you and guide you in service for Him.


    Ramona Stevens

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