The Kingdom of Norway, in Northern Europe, is a long mountainous
fjord-indented land.  It is one of four Scandinavian countries and
includes the Arctic dependencies of Jan Mayen and Svalbard.  The
government is a parliamentary democracy under constitutional monarchy,
and the country is not a member of the EU.  Norway is a strong and
wealthy industrial state with high earnings from oil, mining, fishing,
forest products and high-tech industries.  The terrorist attack in the
capital city, July 2011, rocked this country rated the most peaceful
country in the world in a 2007 survey by Global Peace Index.


The population is ~4,856,000 and the official language Norwegian.
~92.6% are Indigenous (Norwegian, Sami, Romani), ~7.4% Foreign-origin
(European, Asian, African).  Immigrant minorities continue to increase
rapidly and are concentrated in and around Oslo.


Lutheranism is the state church, but there is complete freedom for other
denominations and religions. Norwegians of the non-Christian persuasion
and majority of adherents to other religions reside in Oslo and the
surrounding area.
~91.08% claim to be Christian, ~6.1% Non-religious, ~1.9% Muslim, ~0.7%
Other, ~0.15% Buddhist, ~0.04% Jewish, ~0.03% Baha’i.
In the Christian category:
~85.8% are Protestant, ~7% Unaffiliated, ~1.66% Independent, ~1.09%
Catholic, ~0.15% Orthodox, ~0.02% Anglican.
Evangelicals represent ~8.4% of the population.
Charismatics represent ~4.4% and of those ~1.8% are Pentecostals.
Donna Siemens



Operation World, Jason Mandryk. Colorado Springs: Biblica Publishing, 2010.

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